Immigration’s role in DC Tech

February 16th, 2017

This morning, the Washington Business Journal published an open letter from us in the DC Tech community to the Trump Administration.

It outlines immigration’s uniquely positive effect on DC, and its representation in the country as a whole. It also officially registers our concern as entrepreneurs that these policies do nothing but hurt business. Localist is a signatory at the bottom.

The letter per se won’t do much. It’s pretty clear the administration isn’t listening to very many voices, no matter how loud they are. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean we should say nothing, nor does it mean we should stop at a letter.

As an immigrant myself, when I moved to America the first thing I noticed was its diversity. I went from a school of a couple hundred white Canadians to one with a student body representing 92 distinct countries.

Diversity is what makes America great, and the philosophy behind Trump’s travel ban and plans for H1B Visa restriction erodes that greatness.