I love building things that connect people.
My profile in The Washington Post paints a decent picture.

Technology raised me

🐍1987 - I write games in BASIC on the family Atari 800XL.

💾1992 - The family gets a 486 PC (with a 1x CD-ROM!). I install DOOM.

☎️1997 - I start a two-line BBS on my dad's old work laptop, joining a local community of SysOps.

🌎1998 - I get access to the Internet, which expands my understanding of "community" from local to global.

🕹1999 - I save every penny and build my first computer. I fall deep into the "underworld" communities of warez, QuakeWorld, and IRC.

🎨2000 - I discover the creative community through Photoshop, and start designing websites for non-profits. I start writing tech articles. I write my first blog post.

💼2001 - I write my first web app while expanding my freelancing capabilities, moonlighting as a developer/designer for companies.

📱2007 - I wait in line for the iPhone.

💡2009 - I start a SaaS company, raising $300,000 in seed funding.

🤑2012 - We buy out our investor with company profits, returning 100% ownership to the founders.

It's still going strong.